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  • How fast can a Segway PT go? How fast will we go on the tour?

    Segway PTs can go up to 12.5 mph. On the tour, we have them limited to 10 mph.

  • What is a Segway Personal Transporter?

    The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is a two-wheeled, personal transportation device designed for an upright, self-balancing glide. High-tech gyroscopes, along with balance and tilt sensors, automatically respond to your movements, using your shifting weight to read when to speed up or slow down. It sounds technical, but they are really easy to use and most people pick up the technique in no time.

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    Please make a reservation online or call 317.253.1910 to make sure that you get your desired date and time

  • Do you operate seasonally or year-round?

    Segway PT tours in Indianapolis are seasonal.

  • Could my tour be cancelled due to inclement weather?

    Gliding on a Segway PT is no fun in the rain, so "Mother Nature" is definitely a factor.

  • Can I rent a Segway PT by the day or hour without booking a tour?

    No, sorry we do not do "free range” rentals during the tour season.

  • Do you have Segway PTs available for purchase?

    We do have a limited number of units available for sale. For more information, please contact us

  • Where is the best nearby parking?

    The best parking is at the surface parking lot south of the Visitor Center or the joint underground parking for the park and the Indiana State Museum. In the garage, follow the signs for the NCAA offices parking when you exit the garage using the stairs up you exit the stairs and walk straight out and you will see our tour site.

  • What will we see on the tour?

    Check out our Tours section for information on sites along the route.

  • Do we get to go inside the museums and monuments?

    We do not enter any of these venues on our tour.

  • Are there any weight or age limits for the tour?

    There is a recommended minimum weight of 100 lbs. and a maximum limit of 265 lbs. We do not accept riders under 14 years of age, and riders under 18 years of age require a parental or responsible adult’s signature.

  • How many people can go on a tour together?

    Our limit is 6 people per guide to ensure safety and provide the best service. A small group allows everyone to hear the tour guide better, and also makes it easier for anyone to ask questions along the way.

  • Do you offer specialized tours for corporate or private groups?

    We do, and you can find that information on the Groups section of this site.

  • Are there any forms or waivers to fill out?

    Every person in the party will need to fill out a simple one-page waiver. You can print and fill out the form in advance from our website