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  • One review for Segway of Indianapolis Tours

    Most fun you can have on two wheels in Indianapolis! Is this thing ever easy to operate!

    Searching for something different to do on a Sunday afternoon and not wanting to be cooped up inside, we finally came up with a Segway PT tour. We had seen these offered in Chicago and never had the chance to take one, so we thought "why not?"

    Our tour lasted over 90 minutes - after a brief orientation and training session with our guide - and we had a blast!! The guides will take groups of up to six people, but lucky for us, the three other people who had reserved ended up canceling and we found ourselves getting what amounted to a private tour.

    Kyle, our 20-something guide, led us through the park, around various monuments and other points of interest, across a couple of bridges, along the canal and even through a small grassy area - didn't know these things would run over grass. We stopped several times along the way while Kyle gave us the details of the sights - we even learned a few things from him that we did not know, which is always a good thing :-)

    In the end, our only disappointment was that the tour didn't last longer - though I'm sure Kyle was ready to call an end to his day. We hear that the biz may offer a three-hour tour (do you hear the Gilligan's Island theme??) by next year.....we can only hope!

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  • Doing Indy – The Canal & White River State Park

    A river runs through it . . . so to speak. One of the neatest features to Indianapolis is the downtown Canal and White River State Park. This is a place for recreation, learning, and most of all fun. The best part is, this area can be experienced in so many different ways.

    Let’s start with the Canal. I can’t count the number of times I have walked, run, or Segwayed my way around Indy’s beautiful Canal. I have seen great artwork, military memorials, and gorgeous scenery. There are only two urban, cement bottom canals in the world, one in Kuwait City and the other . . . Indianapolis! Fun activities to do on the Canal range from 3-wheeler bikes to Surries and even a great Segway tour. If the water is more your speed, you have paddle boats, and for that romantic evening, a Gondola ride will fit the bill.

    Most of the Canal is situated in the White River State Park area, and this area is its own animal. This park houses the Indianapolis Zoo, NCAA Hall of Champions, Indiana State Museum, and Eiteljorg Museum. It hosts one of the most unique concert venues in the state with its Concerts on the Lawn series and also fill the sport’s need by having the Indianapolis Indians play at beautiful Victory Field.

    What else can you ask for in one area, except maybe more time to enjoy one of Indy’s best amenities.

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